Maryam Martínez , November 6, Albacete , lyricist , poet , jounlalist and composer and Spanish singer . Start a Writing poetry from an early age , in 2005 announced its first poem ” One day I felt ” in the book Eclipse of Moon , edition of the poetic center of Madrid, from there no one stops writing prose and verse . addition songs.

In 2007 she moved to Madrid, where she began to study flamenco hand singer Talegón of Cordoba, after a few years learning and acting local live music in the capital with musicians numbers covering different musical styles ranging from flamenco, blues , rock and reggae. Marian continuous soaking up the musical current at that time was brewing in neighborhoods like Lavapiés “I learned a lot at that time the neighborhood was an explosion of sound , was the meeting point for flamenco and musicians of all places, there was music for everyone corner ” .

Flamenco was already part of her since she was a child, ” Albacete has art, hidden but it does, I grew up doing dances in the streets listening to singing and playing the palms tangos and bulerías , it’s something I have inside of me, Albacete breathes flamenco,there’s a lot compás in my land and that stays with you ”

In 2015 enters as a student in the studio of the prestigious professor of vocal technique , Marianne Ax , born in Stockholm , he graduated in pedagogy , teacher of singing, music and theater in the Scandinavian School , founder of the Center for Drama and Dance, responsible for the vocal education of actors and singers, which will mark a before and after in the career as a singer Maryam Martinez..

Marian same year moved to Istanbul where he began to write and compose his work in English , Turkish and Spanish .It is in this same year when the author decides to show his work as a poet, lyricist , composer and singer , under the title “bird of colors” land and sea songs , verses spring , sing songs …



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