Maryam Luna, Spanish Rapper, lyricist , poet, philanthropist,  jounlalist and Composer Flamenco Music.

Start a Writing poetry from an early age , in 2005 announced its first poem ” One day I felt ” in the book Eclipse of Moon , edition of the poetic center of Madrid, from there no one stops writing prose and verse addition songs.

she moved to Madrid, where she began to study flamenco hand singer Talegón of Cordoba, after a few years learning and acting local live music in the capital with musicians numbers covering different musical styles ranging from flamenco, blues, rock and reggae.

“The artist moves between rap, poetry together flamenco and rhythms from Arabic and Indian music” .
“Learning and acting local live music in Madrid with musicians numbers covering different musical styles”.
Maryam soaking up the musical current at that time was brewing in neighborhoods like Lavapiés one  the most  famous multicultural neighborhood in the capital . “I learned a lot at that time the neighborhood was an explosion of sound , was the meeting point for flamenco and musicians of all places, there was music for everyone corner ” .

The artist moves to Istanbul where she is recording between Turkey and Spain what will be her first musical work published ” The moon and the Sun from Yaipur to Istanbul”. l that will see the light in 2020, while composing her second work with a more poetic sound with hard letters about social problems like racist and religious character with the name of New World Order also she publish a poetry book  called “Flamenco Poetry 40.000 years waiting “.

Flamenco was already part of her since she was a child, ”  I grew up  in the streets listening to singing and playing the palms tangos and bulerías , it’s something I have inside of me,  breathes flamenco, there’s a lot compás in my heart and this stays inside me “.

Mariam began to write and compose her work in English , Turkish and Spanish .It is in this same year when the author decides to show his work as a poet, lyricist and music composer.


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